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Aesthetic Quality Patient Guide


You should take care when choosing who treats You, where, and with what. It is Your health and body after all – therefore take care of it!

¬†Aesthetic Quality Standard gives You advice on Clinics and Provider of Aesthetical Treatments, by this assuring that who’s registered with the scheme are practising in accordance with a set of recognised standards.

Before you select Your cosmetic treatment provider, take care to search within a AQ Standard Registered Provider so You can be sure the Clinic and the Aesthetical Physician, You are going to allow to treat You is a suitably qualified and that their premises are safe, as they are qualified and trained to administer cosmetic treatments.

For more information see our Patient FAQs

Rember to check when You visit a Aesthetical treatment establishment – to Look out for the AQ Quality Assurance Mark. When it is displayed You can be sure that you are getting Treatments admistered in the best way.