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Aesthetic Quality Patient FAQs


Questions about Medical Aestheticals Treatments:


  • What is an injectable Aesthetic treatments? It is any treatment where you are injected with a aesthetic-cosmetic product such as mesotherapy, botulinum toxin, a dermal filler and more recently the Lipofilling tecnique, where the product admistered is autologous fat tissue. AQ Quality Standard covers all the differents treatments.

  • What is an Medical Asthetical Body Treatment? It is any treatment thats has the goal to enhance the body through non-surgical treatments and regain natural beauty by reducing signs of aging, with muscle relaxing injections and other treatments such as body contouring with injectable filler, treatments for cellulite including mesotherapy, cavitation-ultrasound, radiofrequency and ozonotherapy, lasers therapy and peelings.

  • Why can’t just anyone administer Aesthetical Body Treatments and injectables? Before any aesthetical treatment is mandatory a full Medical visit allowing to clarify what the Patient is looking for and expect from a aesthetical treatment besides eventually both Medical and not controindications to it. Beauty therapist, for istance, doesn’t have the Medical knowledge or skill, in addition to the independent legal right to safely administer mostly powerful Medical devices and all the different injectables.


  • What’s so special about AQ registered Clinics and professionals such Doctors and Dentists? AQ registered professionals have knowledge about the body and how it works, and about medicines and therapies. They work according professional standards, and therefore can be disciplined or expelled from the registy if they breach AQ Standards.

  • What is the mean of the AQ Standard Register? It’s all about safety, first and last. It is designed to re-assure Patients seeking Aesthetical treatments that it will be given by a trained clinical professional in appropriate surroundings.

Only Clinics that have satisfied the AQ Board that they meet the AQ Quality Standards are admitted to AQ Register.


  • What must a Clinic do to be on the AQ Standard Register? Prove to the AQ Board that it has an equipe appropriately trained, and premises suitable, to meet the AQ Quality Standards. The Cinic must always be ready for surprise inspections by the AQ Board and it must re-certify annually when it pays its fees to the AQ Standard Register.

  • How do I know if the clinic I am considering reaches these standards? It will display the AQ Quality Assurance Mark in a prominent place.

  • How can I find a clinic with the Quality Assurance Mark? This is the right place. You can search the AQ Register by selecting the link in the panel in the right column. We believe those clinics which do NOT display the AQ Quality Assurance Mark should be doubtful entries in your shopping list.

  • Is the AQ Board a trade protection device designed to keep the little clinics out? No. It is all about patient safety device for Your benefit. Application Fees are affordable for any size of clinic, no matter how small.

  • The Clinics on the AQ Standard Register are not more expensive because of their high standards? Probably. The difference is quality. Clinics on the AQ Register are as concerned for Patient safety as for profit. Those who cannot meet the Standards (so are not on the AQ Register) may well be ripping You off for high profit, after cheap treatment, careless of your welfare.