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Quality of fat grafting

The quality of grafting procedures can be evaluated by many points of view.

  • the preservation of the integrity and viability of adipocytes¬† being transferred.

Into the Goisis system the pressure on fat graft is controlled, avoiding cellular damage due to negative or positive pressure.



  • the small dimension of fat particles.

Fat particles are defined as intact globules of adipocytes interconnected by mesenchyme. Particles do not exist in native adipose tissue, but are cut and created during the harvesting and processing. The range of fat particles created related to the diameter of the cannula and of the ports of the cannula. The small diameters of Goisis Cannula isolate small particles.


  • the removal of contaminants in the transferred tissue.

The filtration and washing with Goisis System is committed to the better removal of blood cells, local anesthesia used for infiltration, remnants of ruptured fat cells including oil droplets and cellular debris.


  • The exclusion of any contact of fat with air.

Air has a negative effect on adypocites, because of activation of proinflammatory components and oxidative damages. The Goisis system is completely closed.


  • The preservation and the concentration of the highest number of viable Adipose stem cells (ASCs).

The Goisis microcannula improves the collection of ADSC. The filtration system reduces the loosing during processing of fat.