Area Riservata

The Goisis Tray is reusable complete set for harvesting and injection of fat.

The Goisis tray contains:

-The Goisis harvester superluerlock 2,1mm x 10cm

-Micro injector 1mm x 5cm

-The Goisis autoclave tray with decanting stands and silicon support for Goisis single-use box


The Goisis Tray is produced in 2 colors: Blue and Orange

The Goisis Cannula: the patent cannula created to improve the results of the mini-invasive treatments



  • the small dimension of fat particles

Fat particles are defined as intact globules of adipocytes interconnected by mesenchyme. Particles do not exist in native adipose tissue, but are cut and created during the harvesting and processing. The range of fat particles is related to the diameter of the ports of the cannula. The small diameters of Goisis Cannula isolate small particles.


  • The harvesting of the highest number of viable Adipose stem cells (ASCs).

The Goisis microcannula improves the collection of ADSC. The filtration system reduces the loosing during processing of fat.

  • Gentle and fat harvesting with rotation movement