Area Riservata

The efficiency of the method can be valuated in term of time consuming, in term of cost of procedure and in term of loosing of fat during the preparation. This last element is very important in case of mini-invasive treatments of the face, neck and hands. In this case, the patients usually underwent a small fat harvesting, with the aim of injecting 15-20 cc of fat. Some low-efficiency methods requires the harvest of 100cc or more of fat to obtain 20cc of processed fat.   The others 80 cc are loose into the processing system. In some patients is very simple to harvest 100 cc, but in many patients is most difficult, and it can require a long time and the harvest from different donor areas.

With the Goisis system there is a dispersion of 3cc of fat. This means that 23cc of fat are sufficient to have 20cc of processed fat ready to be injected