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The chain and the Goisis systems for fat grafting



The famous painting Pala di Brera (was executed in 1472-1474 by the italian renaissance master Piero della Francesca

At the center of the painting, hanging by a chain from the apse shell, there is an egg, emblem of the promise of immortality and regeneration.

We like to think about fat grafting as the chain of the Pala di Brera.

In fact, During fat harvesting, we have four different steps: fat harvesting, fat processing, mixing of fat with PRP and fat injection into recipient sites. These four steps can be considered as four different links of a chain.

Then, It is mandatory to construct an optimal procedure from start to finish,  because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

If one the link of the chain is weak, then all the procedure will be compromised.

In the case of the Piero’s chain, the egg will fall down. In the case of fat transfer, the fat cells will not survive and will not regenerate in the recipient area.


Quality of fat grafting