Area Riservata

Marketing is the activity, set of tools, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offers that have value for customers. (Definition Approved by the American Marketing Association Board of Directors October 2007)
Also in the field of medicine and cosmetic surgery it is necessary to create value for patients and make sure that they perceive this value as unique. This takes place using a rigid quality protocol, thanks to knowledge of the patient’s tastes and by choosing the most appropriate services based on the continuous monitoring of his/her (changing) needs.

The management of the medical centres is based on three fundamental points:

• The PRM
• An advanced diary application
• An e-commerce platform
These three elements are interconnected and inter-communicating: a patient can book and buy treatments online, based on the availability of doctors updated in real time in the calendar. All transactions are recorded and become part of the patient’s history, whose data on file are automatically updated, thus allowing further time savings.
The use of the online calendar makes it possible to automate the majority of direct customer management activities and to save work and time.