Area Riservata

AQ standard for Medical visit:

  • Assistant brings the patient to the visiting room. The doctor introduces himself/herself.
  • First step: discuss the three different aspects of the AQ standard organisation, which are summarised in three consent forms:

The First AQ Standard consent form

The first consent form is about Privacy. The patient accepts that his/her personal data are collected by the office. AQ standard guarntees a high level of security and confidence of the database.

The Second AQ Standard consent form

The second consent form is the Quality consent form (AQ Standard Form). By this form, the quality standards are
presented and explained to the patient.

The Third AQ Standard consent form

If the patient has a coupon, he/she has to sign a third consent form. In this consent form, he/she is informed that he/she can have his/her money back. This option must be clearly explained when selling the coupon, but it must be also summarised at the time of the first visit.