Area Riservata

Call Center

AQ Standard for call centers: the patient can make an appointment by
calling the office from 9:00 to 21:00, Monday through

The call centre answers in 3 min.

After 3 min,the phone number is saved, and the call centre recalls the
patient within 24 h


AQ Standards for patients registration

Patient’s name, phone number and e-mail are saved by the call centre on an
internal system. The treatment type and time are selected; For example, a first visit takes
30 min. A follow-up visit takes 10 min. A treatment with Macrolane takes 1hr, etc.

A quality standard of  good time organisation helps to reduce patient waiting time.


AQ Standards for acceptance

The patient is accepted by a smiling staff. He/she is referred to an assistant, who
brings him/her to the doctor’s office. The assistant’s role is very important as she assists the patient
step by step.